Going forward!

So I hope you can see that preparing meals is well within the capabilities of a cheap simple robot, but the device you have seen demonstrated is just a prototype. It is far from being a product. A product as well as needing an attractive appearance, would have to meet safety, hygiene, and durability standards. It would also need to be quieter and more refined in its operation. It also would need to be integrated into the IT systems that will be the basis of the smart careing homes planned for the future. But more inportantly than these, the design needs to be refined to incorporate the best advice of the professionals who manage the caring services of the nation.

So we need the help of the adult Social Services in the UK which unfortunately are fragmented between many regional and local authorities, and which are very hard pressed meeting each days needs as it comes. Finding this help is my major work item at present.

When it becomes clear how such a device could serve a useful purpose, then a small team of engineers will be needed  to take the design from a prototype to a product for manufacture, involving testing to make sure that the intended purpose will be achieved in its users homes. Finally then manufacturing and marketing channels will be needed to deliver the device.


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